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MBL - MBT Guidelines for 2020

Please note the rules for this summer for safe baseball play.




  • NO Spectators behind the backstop.  Spectators can watch from 1st and 3rd base down the lines and beyond the outfield fence maintaining a 6 ft. distance from one another.
  • Baseballs will be the responsibility of the defensive team. Baseballs should be wiped down with a damp cloth with sanitizing solution (4 Tablespoons of chlorine bleach to 1 quart of water per CDC guidelines) after each half inning and anytime the ball goes out of play and a different ball needs to be brought into the game. Umpires will not hold any baseballs.
  • No more than 4 people in the dugout at any time.  The area behind the backstop and dugouts will serve as the extra dugout area for players and coaches.
  • No sunflower seeds or gum will be allowed anywhere in the park
  • No spitting will be allowed.
  • Umpires will umpire from behind the pitcher?s mound.  Please make sure that your lines are marked all of the way to the outfield fence to assist umpire in calling fair or foul.
  • No post game handshake.  Each team should line-up on their respective base line and give a tip of the hat to their opponents in place of the handshake.
  •  Whenever possible, equipment and personal items should have proper sanitation and should not be shared. If equipment must be shared, proper sanitation should be administered between users.



by posted 07/02/2020
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