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BYBA is NOW accepting applications for umpires.  Please register on the BYBA registration page.  If interested and registration has closed or if you have any questions, please contact Tim Peterson at 507-358-9096 twpete11@gmail.com; Kaela Peterson at 507-254-2458 


Mandatory Reading for Umpires:

Umpire Basics

Working the Plate

Working the Field

BYBA Umpire Code of Conduct

Tips for the Amateur Baseball Umpire

Umpire Signals and Communicating with Your Partner

Baseball Umpire Signals

What is Obstruction and Interference


Traveling Guidelines & Rules:

Guidelines are located in the Documents section of our website

ZVL Rules

MBL Rules - 2022

Southern Minny Rules (bottom of website)


Useful Information for Umpires:

Printable Lineup Cards 

Pregame Conference Card

BYBA Weather Policy

Umpires Test

Amatuer Baseball Umpire Association (AUBA)

Nine tips to survive a tournament weekend

Eleven ways to speed up a game

Five types of managers